Who We Are

Welcome to Bottomlinefacts.com. We create awareness about current events both domestic and international that the mainstream media does not report on for a multitude of reasons of which you will figure this out as we go along. We compile links about current events from a variety of media platforms. This is where I started to realize that every outlet delivers different information based on the narrative each platform would like its viewers to see. 

The Definition of Mainstream media “is a term and abbreviation used to refer collectively to the various large mass news media that influence many people, and both reflect and shape prevailing currents of thought.”

We offer you a variety of resources that you may not see on mainstream media. Please note these are NOT opinions, yet they are a random set of specific resource links pertaining to what is being shared today that most people never see. 

You will find articles and links from a multitude of media outlets both domestic and international. In fact I was blown away to find out that all media outlets are sharing great information and research that scientists and doctors have compiled to actually HELP humanity, but unfortunately due to the mainstream media’s reporting tactics they have their own initiatives. I came across many different findings and conflicting messages so I decided to go DEEP into what’s really going on here.

In addition, it seems that mainstream media is in bed with BIG TECH. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter etc. This means that if you are to say anything and you are not Dr. Fake Fauci your content will be deleted. Presentation on this “COMING SOON.” 

When I first heard of 5G technology a few years ago I was curious and excited about it at the same time so I started to do my own research above and beyond what we would see on CNN, FOX and MSNBC etc. The first thing that I learned about 5G Technology was that it’s NOT about faster internet but a complete takeover and it is far more dangerous than ANYONE of us paying attention to because the media is keeping this from us. WHY?

This has NOW BECOME PERSONAL to me, when I learned that 5G is PROVEN (you will see in the links provided) to kill your testicles, fertility, cause cancer, etc. I have made it a priority to spread awareness about this because I would like to be a grandma one day. 5G will cause a MAJOR HEALTH CRISIS in our country IF this technology is deployed nationwide. NO ONE is talking about it on CNN, FOX and mainstream media. 

One man cannot change the world. One man can communicate the message that can change the world. “Unknown”