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  • May 21, 2021
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Why all the Back and Forth with the mainstream “Science”

The interesting thing with these science “Experts” is they tell the truth even when they lie with their doublespeak and because people are locked into a paradigm of thought, it is either black or white, left or right and people are having a hard time deciphering fact from fiction.

Competition is sin as Rockefeller said, and that goes for intelligent conversation or challenging concepts through critical thinking and rationalization as well as business.

That is why Rockefeller & Carnegie bankrolled the AMA (American Medical Association) & Colleges to eradicate the actual Healers, Medicine men, Naturopaths & Homeopaths to replace them with men that will agree with whatever the College says is a valid study as they would be the ones directing the funding of studies.  Not to mention the FDA/CDC.

Like when Facui said people should not be wearing masks then did a 180 or when Robert Redfield (The Director of the CDC) went on TV saying the mask would do a better job to prevent the spread than a vaccine, well that is true since a virus has never been isolated and never been proven to cause contagion. In the same breath he could say that a vaccine would be more effective than a mask to control the spread, well that is also true as you can’t catch a virus to start with as it is a function of your body’s detoxification methodology (aka exosomes).

The definition of VIRUS in latin:

“Poisonous Substance, Poison, Sap of Plants”


The word “miasm” is derived from the Greek word miasma (Gen. miasmatos), which means “stair” or “pollution”, and is related to miainein, meaning “to pollute”. It also refers to the mists swirling up from a swamp. Hippocrates used this term when describing the notion of water or air that is tainted, which he maintained was the reason why infectious diseases spread.

Nowadays, we find the idea of a miasma old-fashioned but it was widely used in Hahnemann’s time. Diseases that were thought to be caused by miasma included cholera, dysentery, leprosy, malaria (which literally means “bad air”), bubonic plague, and pulmonary tuberculosis. Miasma was understood to be “a dangerous, foreboding, or deathlike influence or atmosphere” – the “contamination” or “pollution” that one absorbed when exposed to sickness, death, and decomposition.

WHAT IS Doublespeak?

Doublespeak is language designed to evade responsibility, make the unpleasant appear pleasant, the unattractive appear attractive.  Basically it’s language that pretends to communicate but really doesn’t it is language designed to mislead by pretending not to.

William Lutz

“I reminded [the soldiers] and their families that the war in Iraq is really about peace.” 

       – President George W. Bush, April 2003

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”                         

Makia Freeman

William Lutz – Doublespeak and Language Manipulation (1989)

Beyond nineteen eighty-four : doublespeak in a post-Orwellian age

What is Cognitive Dissonance?

“In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance occurs when a person holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values; or participates in an action that goes against one of these three, and experiences psychological stress because of that. According to this theory, when two actions or ideas are not psychologically consistent with each other, people do all in their power to change them until they become consistent.[1] The discomfort is triggered by the person’s belief clashing with new information perceived, wherein they try to find a way to resolve the contradiction to reduce their discomfort.

Legitimacy of published articles

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor of The New England Journal of Medicine” .

Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, wrote that “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness”


“The medical profession is being bought by the pharmaceutical industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research. The academic institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the pharmaceutical industry. I think it’s disgraceful”

Dr. Arnold S. Relman, former chief editor for the New England Journal of Medicine.

Statement on Virus Isolation

The Contagion Myth By Thomas S. Cowan and Sally Fallon Morell

The Contagion Myth Notes Synopsis

A conversation between Dr. Cowan & Sally Morell about “The Contagion Myth”

Andrew Kaufman – An Explanation of Kochs Postulates

FOIA Request shows no evidence of Virus

The Invisible Rainbow by Arthur Firstenberg – The History of Electricity & Life

What is an Exosome and  why is this relevant?                       
Exosomes are nano-sized extracellular vesicles created by the body that use solvents to clean out toxins & that are transferred to target cells for cell-to-cell communication.

“Exosomes act much like a sponge, preventing the toxins for a time from attacking the cell, while toxins that are not corralled are left to burrow through the cell membranes”

– Ken Cadwell PhD – 

An Exosome Explanation and what it is!

“Hildreth now proposes that “the virus is fully an exosome in every sense of the word.””

James Hildreth was speaking of HIV when he said that, but covid-19 is the same thing, a Virus. 
He has been silenced by the medical industry. That’s the only quote you will find on the subject.     
He has to keep quiet to keep his fancy job at John Hopkins.

“… Viruses are simply the excretions of a toxic cell. Viruses are pieces of DNA or RNA, with a few other proteins. They bud out from the cell. They happen when the cell is poisoned. They are not the cause of anything.” – Thomas Cowan MD on Rudolf Steiner’s insights.

Kary Mullis the inventor of the PCR test – On Fauci being a Liar – On use PCR test as Diagnostics. – On HIV’s Existence.

Inflated Death Tolls

Fauci and His Malfeasance 

Anthony Fraudici’s document on his findings that the Spanish Flu ”pandemic” was actually caused by  mask wearing.

Bacterial Pneumonia, an upper respiratory infection is caused by mask wearing.

Jan 10 2017 Fauci with Foreknowledge of a “Surprise Outbreak” during Trump’s Administration. – Short Version – Full Version

Dr Robert Willner Accused Fauci of Genocide 30 Years Ago

Spanish Flu & Gov Failed Attempts to spread Contagion

“We entered the outbreak with the notion that we knew the cause of the disease, and were quite sure we knew how it was transmitted from person to person. Perhaps, if we have learned anything, it is that we are not quite sure what we know about the disease.”

It seemed that what was acknowledged to be one of the most contagious of communicable diseases could not be transferred under experimental conditions.

Biochemistry Debunks Corona

Dr Amanda Vollmer on Pheromones & Convid Quackzine Shedding

Dr. Cowan – VACCINE Shedding?

 Why The WHO Faked A Pandemic – Forbes

Telegraphing the Vaccine Tech to curb “Mosquito” Breeding

Terrain Theory

“You’re working under a wrong premise to begin with and you’re never going to find the answer if you do that. Viruses have no nucleus. There’s no respiratory system. There’s no circulatory system. There’s no digestive system. Viruses are not alive. That’s like saying soap is alive. They’re not alive. They are solvents. They are soaps. However, more accurately, they are enzymes to fractionate tissue for waste elimination.” – Aajonus Vonderplanitz

“In all that I have witnessed inside and outside of laboratories, there is only one cause of disease: Industrial pollution in medication, food, air, soil and water. Strengthening a body’s constitution and lymphatic system is the first step to reversing/curing disease” – Aajonus Vonderplantiz.

Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter in the History of Biology by Ethel Douglas Hume

“Had it not been for the mass selling of vaccines, Pasteur’s germ theory of disease would have collapsed into obscurity.” — E. Douglas Hume

“The entire fabric of the germ theory of disease rests upon assumptions which not only have not been proved, but which are incapable of proof, and many of them can be proved to be the reverse of truth. The basic one of the unproven assumptions, wholly due to Pasteur, is the hypothesis that all the so-called infections and contagious disorders are caused by germs.” – M.L. Leverson, M.D

To Comprehend the situation we have with Terrain Theory one must start at the beginning, with the misconception or rather intentional misdirection of Adolf Mayor.

By misrepresenting endogenous cellular signalling particles as infectious organisms Adolf Mayer was able to deceive the world into believing that virological disorders are infectious diseases. In reality they are mostly toxicological disorders and nutritional deficiency diseases. (Like the Pellagra “virus”)

The explanation given in the Biochemistry Debunking video is spot on as it explains Smallpox

Paris Green (Arsenic Poisoning) similar to the Green Paris Accord: “strange that it’s called that “Paris Green”

Back in the 17 & 1800’s Paris Green was a very popular color used on wall paper…supposedly it took awhile to find out that people were dying from ‘arsenic’ poisoning in the paper. Arsenic was the ingredient to give it that ‘special’ green color

Arsenic Exposure and Toxicology: A Historical Perspective

  • Invented in 1775 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele, the artificial colorant was made through a process of heating sodium carbonate, adding arsenious oxide, stirring until the mixture was dissolved, and then adding a copper sulfate to the final solution.

  • In 1867, farmers in Illinois and Indiana found that Paris green was effective against the Colorado Potato Beetle, an aggressive agricultural pest. Despite concerns regarding the safety of using arsenic compounds on food crops, Paris green became the preferred method for controlling the beetle. By the 1880s, Paris green had become the first widespread use of a chemical insecticide in the world.It was also used widely in the Americas to control the tobacco budworm, Heliothis virescens

Enter Adolf Mayer an agricultural chemist:

Adolf Mayer had a side freelance job as a problem solver for European industry at that time.

He founded the field of virology to cover up the massive damage being done to crops in Europe and America by new industrial pesticides that contained arsenic and other toxic metals. One of these pesticides was called Paris Green.

  • In 1879, while Mayer held the position of the director of the Agricultural Experiment Station at Wageningen in the Netherlands, he was asked by Dutch farmers to study a peculiar disease affecting the tobacco plant. Mayer published a paper in 1886 on the disease, which he named “mosaic disease of tobacco”He demonstrated that the disease can be transmitted by using the sap from the affected tobacco plants as the inoculum to infect healthy plants. At the time, this disease was thought to be spread by very small bacteria or toxins, yet some years later the Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) was shown to be the culprit. Mayer employed optical microscopy to seek signs of fungi or bacteria in the infected sap, yet he did not find any, since the TMV is too small to be detected in an optical microscope.
  • Mayer still concluded that the infectious agent was some sort of bacteria and erroneously claimed that he was able to obtain “clear filtrate” from the infected sap using filter paper in several repetitions. Filtration experiments with paper and finest porcelain Chamberland filters were replicated by Dmitry Ivanovsky in 1892 and Martinus Beijerinck in 1898, who showed that the infectious agent of the tobacco mosaic disease was in fact in filterable. Martinus Beijerinck coined the term “VIRUS” to indicate a non-bacterial nature of the tobacco mosaic disease. In 1935, the tobacco mosaic virus was the first “Virus” to be crystallized. Despite the erroneous conclusion, Mayer’s pioneer work on the tobacco mosaic disease served as an important step in the discovery of viruses and led to the foundation of the field of “Virology”

  • By misrepresenting endogenous cellular signaling particles as infectious organisms Adolf Mayer was able to deceive the world into believing that virologic disorders are infectious diseases. In reality they are mostly toxicological disorders and nutritional deficiency diseases.
  • Like the ‘Pellagra virus’.“As the story is usually told, pellagra was widely considered an infectious disease and most people, including Goldberger himself, anticipated that he would find the causative germ.”

“Pellagra is a disease caused by a lack of the vitamin niacin (vitamin B3)”

Are All Our Heroes United Nations Sponsored Frauds?

Andrew Kaufman & Judy Mikoiits Argument

Article – Dr. Stefan Lanka, virologist

1971 Navy Medical Research – 2,300 Studies show Biological Effects

“Particular attention has been paid to the effects on man of non-ionizing radiation at these frequencies.”

The Truth about the Reformation and the Gregorian Calendar Tricks – Addition of 1,000 years


The Great AIDS Hoax, The Myth of Contagion – TC Fry

The only way to get a “Virus” is to get injected with it ~ Aajonus Vonderplanitz

Almost 50 years ago now. Watch the documentary House of Numbers for more info on how the CDC invented the HIV/AIDS epidemic, spearheaded by lead “coronavirus expert” dr Anthony Fauci

There is no ‘vaccine’ for aids because ‘aids’ is caused by poisoning. Are you aware that in Africa they weren’t even testing the people for ‘aids’ when they proclaimed the ‘aids epidemic’? Yea, they just found a bunch of malnourished peasants that literally bathed in their own piss drank that same water and proclaimed ‘AIDS’. No test necessary. Not that it would matter since PCR which they used to proclaim ‘HIV’ status is fraudulent since it can’t properly reproduce RNA strands without the test procedure itself leaving ‘residue’ or mutating the sample.

House of Numbers where Nobel Prize Winner Katy Mullis says he found no paper that linked HIV with the onset of AIDS

Katy Mullis – w/ Commentary from Channel owner

Biologist Christl Meyer

I won’t go quietly?

Transmission electron microscopy images of retroviral particles

Although it seems intuitive that photographing HIV would provide undeniable evidence of its presence in the host’s plasma, the reality is much more complex. Adequately interpreting images obtained through EM is, even for the most skilled scientists, challenging. EM generates highly amplified images of cells and viral particles. An electron-microscope uses “beams of electrons focused by magnetic lenses instead of rays of light” to produce images magnified up to 10,000,000× (a light microscope has difficulty exceeding 2000× magnification) (33).

The first images of what researchers believed to be HIV particles budding out of human cells were published in the journal Science, in 1983, by the French team that co-discovered HIV (headed by Luc A. Montagnier) (34). These images, and the computer graphics based on them, were printed in textbooks and articles discussing AIDS, extensively. Despite their popularity, the images were obtained from a “pre-AIDS” patient (not a patient with AIDS), and the sample furnishing the images had not been purified according to standard procedures (35).

It would be 14 years later, in 1997, when EM images from purified samples were produced (20). Yet another study (22), published simultaneously with these images (in fact, printed as an adjoining article), reported: even purified HIV samples harbor protein particles (called microvesicles), considered to be contaminants. These microvesicles do not disappear during the purifying process. In other words, even when technicians purify HIV samples, certain “cellular proteins bound to non-viral particles (i.e., microvesicles) can copurify with [the] virus,” and appear in the EM images. The question, then, remains: are the EM images seen in these purified samples, pictures of HIV itself, or of other elements/particles?

AIDS in America was mostly due to the gay communities excessive use of drugs. It popped up in ‘gay’ Los angeles where they were using excessive amounts of amphetamines and poppers. Poppers were later removed from the market because they caused severe respiratory illness, weight loss, circulatory illness, and many more symptoms which are essentially the same as ‘Aids’. HIV was never proven to cause ‘aids’ – even the inventor of PCR, nobel prize winner Kerry Mullis admitted there was no evidence that HIV was the cause of aids.

Contextually surmised use of Amphetamines & Poppers non-exclusive of other categories of Drugs or Alcohol.



“Amphetamine sulphate, or speed, is also used for recreational and non-medical purposes. It can lead to euphoria, and it suppresses the appetite, which can lead to weight loss.”

Amyl Nitrate

Nitrite inhalants: history, epidemiology, and possible links to AIDS.

Poppers: Epidemiology and Clinical Management of Inhaled Nitrite Abuse

T. Lauder Brunton and amyl nitrite: a Victorian vasodilator.

Crusty skin lesions: “These typically occur around the nose, lips, and other areas exposed to amyl nitrite fumes.”

Respiratory reactions: “Inhaling strong chemicals, such as poppers, can affect breathing and other functions of the respiratory tract, leading to sinus problems and wheezing.”

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