Contact Tracing

  • Jul 05, 2020
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Contact TRACING – Do NOT do the new IOS update and if you have, deactivate the COVID tracker under settings, PRIVACY, AND HEALTH – JUST SAY NO –

Say NO to “CONTACT TRACING” It’s ALL a setup!

Quick VIDEO Recap on Contact Tracing

Department of Defense Awards $138 Million Contract, Enabling Prefilled Syringes for Future COVID-19 Vaccine

Racial Data Tracker (can’t even fathom this) Spend time on this site.

Bill to regulate YOUR PRIVACY. Contact tracing is NOT PROVEN and a complete lack of PRIVACY

Get a JOKE JOB as a Contact Tracer, they are coming for you and your families GLOBALLY and they have ZERO experience in the health field. FACTS! Bill Gates ALSO FUNDS John’s Hopkins who we are apparently getting a portion of our numbers from (CONFLICT OF INTEREST) READ CAREFULLY!

COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act – THIS CANNOT HAPPEN

YOUR DATA IS NOT PRIVATE and you don’t even know it SCAM – There is NO DATA to back any of this up!

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