Sep 19, 2020 by admin

I am calling it FAKE over the fact that it is, and the fact that no one can back up any of the information that is being regurgitated on the internet and all social media platforms, which also includes radio and tv ads, etc.  The biggest problem today is that people repost other people’s posts and information, but yet they don’t really know how much research that person has actually done before they posted it.  So this means that whoever chooses to repost someone else’s posts it’s simply because they have built a level of trust in their information and consider them a credible source and feel that they resonate with the information. This is why people can’t figure out what’s real and what is not. 

Most people do NOT ask enough questions or do enough research for themselves so this essentially makes them a certain type of sheep, without even knowing it.  The sad part is that the person who is passionately driven to repost something has the “BEST of INTENTIONS” and truly wants to make big changes in the world, but is caught up in the “EMOTIONAL CHARGE” of it all, because how can you not when kids are being tortured, raped, trafficked, and sold online right in front of us.  NO ONE has done one goddamn thing about it!  Give me a BREAK!  It’s LITERALLY the same stories over and over again BUT with different faces, different names, different states etc.  When it comes to the distribution of media and all of the “FAKE NEWS” shoved in front of us all day every day, it is done with precision, timing, and planning. ALL of the people in the media are paid actors. 

I was guilty of reposting things because I got caught up in the emotional charge of everything, especially when it comes to harming children.  I did hundreds of hours of research and would share information that I thought was “credible” and “relevant”  and then one day it literally hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have to start “FACT CHECKING the FACT CHECKERS”.   I Have been the type of  person my entire life who has questioned everything.  My research led me to notice that big tech had become quite a shit show, Hollywood people started acting very strange and non existent, the coronavirus, Hillary Clinton was supposed to testify two times regarding Pizzagate, the fires on the West Coast , Beirut explosion, Geroge Floyd, BLM, the election, Russia Collusion, the mask debacle and any and ALL of these distractions.  It’s all one big repetitive regurgitation of distractions and made up stories for a multitude of reasons but it all comes down to POWER and MONEY!

Think about the movie  “The Wizard of OZ”.  In the end there was one person behind the curtain and we saw how much CONTROL and POWER he had.  My friends MAINSTREAM MEDIA is run by an EXTREMELY small handful of people and we are basically science experiments and pawns.  What that means is that just a few people get to dictate EXACTLY WHAT you see, WHEN you see it and which channel of media you see it on.  This is about subliminal messaging, mind manipulation, and programming the masses for a multitude of reasons. 

I encourage you to watch the movie “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix. It features former employees/executives from Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple.  This is an important movie for everyone to watch, especially parents. It really sums everything up on Big Tech and ALL things media. 

Just to be clear I am no longer a Netflix fan because of the movie they allowed to air recently called “CUTIES” which is showing 12 year olds pat their vaginas and twerk etc, this in my opinion is disgusting and criminal.  I did not believe it so I went and reviewed the movie and it’s just NOT OK!

Keep in mind the Pharmaceutical companies try to keep us drugged up and sick because that’s how they make billions and billions of dollars. That’s what the vaccine is all about. They do not care about YOU!  That’s why you don’t see many things online that are actually good for you.   The pharmaceutical companies have a big say in what ads go where because again they are the ones with the MONEY and the POWER!  The subconscious mind is 95% VISUAL and that is how we are being programmed and YOU don’t even realize it.

Unfortunately the biggest battle we are fighting in this WORLD today is “BIG TECH”  They are the fake news and control THE entire INTERNET and ALL of the stories and ads on it.

What I am asking of you is to take two steps back from all of the information online, take a break from it all and start to look at it from a different point of view/perspective.  I am not here to tell you what to think and in fact that is one of the other huge problems online today,  you have these huge channels swaying people one way or another and they fall for it hook line and sinker. 

The BOTTOM LINE is that it’s really time to start thinking for yourself and stop believing what everyone says. 

Don’t believe “ANYTHING” you hear, and ONLY half of what you see. Unknown