CLIMATE Change OR “Global Weather Warfare”?

Jul 03, 2021 by admin

“What exactly is “Weather Warfare”, and why do you need to know about it”?

Going back years, decades, and even centuries, weather warfare – more “politically correctly” known as geoengineering – has openly been waged and admitted in front of our eyes.

In 1952, the Lynmouth Flood occurred following the Royal Air Force experimenting with the weather in the same week. Click the link below to see how they got away with this. Long story short, “The MEDIA” is how they got away with this.

In 1962, Lyndon B. Johnson, the then Vice President of the United States, gave a speech at his alma mater, Southwest Texas State University, stating at that point in time that He who controls the weather WILL control the world.”

Below you will find historical articles dating back hundreds of years.

The U.S. Government made weather an instrument of war during the Vietnam War (1967-1972).  This was called “Operation Popeye”  I am just curious why this is not taught in our school systems.

Operation Popeye, Motorpool, Intermediary, Compatriot: Weather Warfare Over Vietnam · Weather Modification History

Do you ever look up at the sky and see something like this? At first I thought its was a strange cloud. Was I wrong.

So often by the mainstream media, government officials, and so-called “experts” are these lingering trails dismissed as “contrails” (condensation trails) condensed water vapor created in the air by planes/rockets.

Contrail | Definition of Contrail by Merriam-Webster

However, we must ask ourselves: does water vapor linger in the air for HOURS on end?

Is there something the public is not being told? Do the people ridiculing those who question “contrails” truly have OUR best interest in mind?  Who is paying these talking heads on the media, government officials, and so-called “experts”?

These are all questions we must ask to discover & come to conclusions on chemtrails & “weather warfare”, and if they are just “crazy conspiracy theories”, or actual occurrences backed by documented evidence.  This is the million dollar question.

And looking at the documented evidence…it goes way beyond the contrail/chemtrail discussion.

For everyone reading, compiled below is a list of resources (found under “Sources For Further Research”) that may be sifted through and analyzed to your heart’s content, covering not only contrails/chemtrails, but the well documented history of weather control, from rainmaking, hurricane manipulation and political figures admitting to weather warfare, etc. 

The main purpose of this article is to be a resource center for anyone questioning things or looking for answers. It’s important for anyone to do their own research rather than listening to anyone else explain it to you and taking it at face value.  

We hope that these resources come in handy on your path of trying to make sense of what is happening in this world and questioning the status quo and thinking for yourself.

Sources For Further Research

Weather Modification History:

Historical Newspaper Clippings (WMH):

Geoengineering Watch:

Geoengineering News:

The Dimming: Geoengineering Documentary (Geoengineering Watch):

 The Dimming, Full Length Climate Engineering Documentary ( Geoengineering Watch ) – YouTube

Rainmaking Documentary (1968):

Chemtrails Exposed Article #1 (2018):

Chemtrails Exposed Article #2 (2021):

Maybe you are familiar with HAARP but unaware what it specifically is. I certainly was.

What is HAARP? HAARP- High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program.

What does Wikipedia have to say about Haarp?

Is the HAARP Project a Weather Control Weapon?:

Government/Military “INVOLVEMENT”

Check out the 1995 U.S Air Force Geoengineering Document – “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025”:

Article Discussing Provided 1995 AF Document:

US military discusses future of Weather Warfare despite ENMOD ban · ClimateViewer News

Air Force Official Admits That The Air Force Can Control The Weather:

US Air Force Records:

Air Force Weather Agency (for those who say “there’s no way ‘they’ can possibly operate a 24/7 weather manipulation system”…think again):

(Also, a $183,000,000 annual budget sure isn’t cheap)

JFK’s 9/25/1961 UN Address Mentioning Weather Control (22:02 Mark Of Video):

Article From WMH Also Discussing JFK’s Comments:

Project Cirrus (1947) – First Hurricane Cloud Seeding Experiment:

Project Cirrus Background:,of%20Naval%20Research%2C%20and%20the%20US%20Air%20Force

Project Stormfury:

Climate Manipulation By Military openly ADMITTING this.

Weather Manipulation and Militarism Article again telling us what they are doing. why do we not learn about this on the news or in school?

What is NOAA?

National Weather Service: Just exactly what is their role in all of the information we are being given.

Radio Frequency Targeting of Individuals (not weather related, but still shows the capability of weaponry in today’s world):

Scalar Technology (Weather Engineering found under Section 18 – Potential Earthquake Manipulation found in following section, as well):

China and OUR WEATHER!

“China To Expand Weather Modification Program & Make A Large Portion of Their Climate Artificial” Article:

China to Expand Weather Modification Program:

Chinese Geoengineering At The 2008 Beijing Olympics:

Dr. Rex Fleming (Ex-NOAA Climate Scientist) Author of FALSE ALARM: The Rise and Fall of the Carbon Dioxide Theory of Climate Change. He has been studying the earth atmosphere since the early 70’s.

Dr. Rex Fleming’s Website:

James Delingpole Podcast #29 W/ Dr. Rex Fleming (Atmospheric Scientist): 

How Many Silent Skeptics Are There At The NOAA? Dr. Rex Fleming Speaks Out:

“No Role Of CO2 In Any Significant Change Of The Earth’s Climate”:

Rex Fleming – Global Weather Experiment (click on “Download Full Text PDF to read):

“Philanthropists” and “Higher-Education”

Bill Gates has funded Harvard University’s SCoPEx (Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment):

Learn more about SCoPEx here. 

Keutsch Group at Harvard – SCoPEx

Why Bill Gates Is Funding Solar Geoengineering Research:

Sidenote: The SCoPE X Project was claimed to be “halted”…but I think we know that this will still be carried out without the public’s knowledge. “WELL, they SAID they stopped it, so it MUST be true! Why should we believe any of their “reassuring” statements?

Here are the articles regarding the subject:


Oh and the latest is from Fox News – Bill Gates Wants to Dim The Sun: Before you review the following information just ask yourself what is the point and why?

Sidenote: Realize that Tucker Carlson has a specific job that is designed to discuss “partial-truths” as I call them [such as the negative effects SCoPEx could have on the environment, if they aren’t already happening] without ever covering the bigger picture, and simultaneously reinforcing the beliefs of those on the “Left” of the questionable political spectrum, who treat “climate change” as the end of the world, it’s NOT).

A Solar Radiation Management (SRM) Test By The Name of SPICE (Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering) Was Cancelled In 2012 Due To Issues With Patents:

In fact, the entire field of geoengineering — a set of technologies that is aimed to try and combat rising temperatures by artificially cooling the planet, among other things — is highly controversial. That applies especially strongly to so-called solar radiation management, or SRM, the sun-shielding technique most scientists, including the SPICE team, have been talking about. It’s also known as the Pinatubo Option: when Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, it spewed particles of natural sulfur dioxide that lowered global temperatures slightly for months.

Below is a link to the SPICE project and what it’s all about.

Rutgers University – Is Geoengineering Research Ethical? (ahem…it’s already happening):

Recent Examples June 2021

At the time of writing this article (June 2021), there are


Oh, and record temperatures in Texas were recently confirmed only a few months ago, as well.

And let’s not forget what happened this year, where Texas was literally freezing cold, which is not normal and never has been for the state of Texas. 2021

To finish off on an interesting observation, “Climate Change” and “Chemical Agent” are anagrams.  Try it out and think about it in relation to the information presented regarding a chemical agent such as aluminum being a key factor in the geoengineering initiative, which is denied and instead shifted to “climate change”.

Thank you so much for reading all the way through and may you have success on your research journey!

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